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Art for Animals' Sake (AFAS) strives to inspire a message of compassion through teaching artistic skills as a tool to empowerment and developing healthy social coping mechanisms.

AFAF currently conducts workshopsin Seattle, WA and Los Angles California. Our art workshops also help to fill the vacancy in art educational in public school programs. Participants in the program gain experience in a variety of art mediums, including painting, drawing and photography.

The workshops use animal advocacy as a central theme, which provides the participant with a meaningful connection to their art and simultaneously conveys valuable life lessons. This is beneficial especially to pre-teen youth, validating one’s ability to control and express oneself in a healthy and constructive way.

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David Walega
David Walega, Founder/ Director

David has expertise in fine arts painting, photography and digital communications. David has long been a proponent of animal rights, as well an active animal advocate. David’s combination of a passion for the arts and the welfare of all animals ultimately led to the creation Art for Animals’ Sake.

David’s credentials include working in animal rescue and the rehabilitation of dogs, cats and farm animals. Dedicating countless hours caring for animals, he helped provide adequate medical care to injured and malnourished animals, finding shelter for neglected and abused animals, as well as providing operational support. On several occasions, he worked in conjunction with local law enforcement to document cases of animal abuse in order to bring justice to the offender with an animal abuse conviction.

David has also been the facilitator of a variety of silent auctions providing various organizations with not only monetary support, but also artistic media donated by local artists. David holds a BFA from the Pratt Institute in New York and a Masters of Communications in Digital Media from the University of Washington.

Melanie Sears

Melanie Sears, CNP (Certified Nonprofit Professional)

Melanie is an animal activist currently living in Seattle, WA. Melanie joined AFAS shortly after earning her under graduated degree, and has assisted with grant writing, event planning and outreach. Melanie is passionate about connecting humans with nonhuman animals and nature. Having recently worked with the Washington Conservation Corps, Melanie currently works with developmentally disabled adults.



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Testimony from partner organizations for our edcation prgrams based in California:

  • Art for Animals' Sake education programs are a unique way to engage people - both young and young-at-heart - to the issues affecting animals in our society. Through these art projects, the public finds a special connection to the subject through creative means. Since our first collaboration in June 2014, workshops at the museum have engaged numerous museum visitors to be more deeply involved in our museum exhibitions but in a broader sense more committed animal advocates.

- Carolyn Merino Mullin, Founder + Executive Director, National Museum of Animals & Society

Testimony from attendees of the “A Day in the Life” photography project and exhibition held at Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets youth drop-in shelter, November, 8th, 2012:

  • “David has a true passion for art, for animals, and for homeless and at-risk young people.  His “A Day in the Life” photography project and exhibit provided PSKS participants with a wonderful opportunity to express themselves, to share their lives and their talents with others, and to show their love for their treasured animal companions.  Through projects such as this, David gives young people the tools to learn new skills to express and empower themselves.  I look forward to seeing more art from PSKS participants in the future with David’s compassionate assistance.”

      -- Andrea Vitalich, President, PSKS Board of Directors

  • “Keep up the good work, David. We are all very proud of you. Because people are homeless, doesn't mean that should have to give up their pets. Emotionally, they need the pet more to help them through the stressful time until the government takes joblessness and homelessness seriously. Take care.”

      -- Daune, Supporter

  • “David, I echo everything Katie writes below. It was a wonderful event celebrating a wonderful project. PSKS looks forward to working with you in the future.”

- Andrea

  • “Thank you David for putting on a great show! The photos were amazing. Each one told its own story. It was great to talk to some of the photographers about their photos and see how proud they were of their work. 

-- Katie

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