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"Among the Animals"

by Christie Lagally" & Various outlets

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"While animal advocacy comes in many forms ranging from direct rescue, sheltering, protesting or working toward legislation, using art to help people connect with animals opens up another avenue to share the reasons we must protect animals. 

Art for Animals’ Sake is working through art to help people find the emotional awareness and empathy to consider the well-being of all animals in the choices of our daily lives. 

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A Day in the Life: Photography Project

King5 Evening News

'13-year-old Nickelsville resident's photos speak volumes'
December 1st, 2012

Real Change Newspaper

'Lens Masters' A photo exhibit focuses on the connections homeless teens share with their pets
November 28th, 2012, Vol. 19, No.48

"The evening marked the second part of a photography workshop offered by the animal rights group Art for Animals’ Sake and its director David Walega, who has been leading monthly art workshops at PSKS since last spring. Walega decided to host workshops at PSKS to encourage homeless youth to explore their relationship with their pets through art. 'I really wanted to concentrate on strengthening that bond between animal and person,' said Walega"

Real Change News

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West Seattle Herald

"A Day in the Life" photo exhibit by homeless youth comes to Mind Unwind Gallery
December 13th, 2012

"The connection is companionship," She(Eileen de Guzman) said. "They keep each other company. No matter how little you have in possessions, your pet is going to be there no matter what. They don't look at your cars, your clothing, they are pure love."

West Seattle Herald

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