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        Featured Artists

        AFAS has featured emerging and established. Some featured artists are below.

        Olivia: A young artist with a passion to help animals

        “You're never to young or too old to make a difference.” - Olivia Pedrick

        Meet Olivia, a ten-year-old artist with a purpose. With close to eighty painted pet portraits completed, she has already made a big difference in her community and the lives of animals. A portion of the proceeds from each portrait she creates is donated to a local animal rescue or rehabilitation center. “ It makes me feel good and creative. It makes me feel like I am helping animals in the best way I can. I feel like I make a difference.”

        Olivia and her mom are making a big impact with each organization they choose to support. “We dedicate three months to each organization we donate to, and we remind Olivia’s fans where their donation is going when they commission a painting.” Her paintings have garnered her a large following, bringing attention to her passion, the welfare of animals.

        Olivia's Artwork

        Olivia's Art for Animals on Facebook

        Chromomatic: Live paintings

        Johanna & trilby

        Chromomatic is a revolving group of theatrical painters who create art specific to the events and performances happening while they paint.

        Chromomatic created two beautiful paintings during the relaunch of AFAS and the paintings were auctioned to raise money for eductional projects.

        Brian Britigan:

        Brain Britigan is an artist/illustrator/animator living and working in Seattle, WA. He earned his B.A. in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts at the School of Art, University of Washington, Seattle, WA. in June of 2010.

        Much of my work features animals as stand-ins for human subjects, creating fable-like scenes that explore issues related to gender and sexual identity.”

        Brian Britigan

        Krystal Kelley's: "Splat-Art"

        Splat-art is the creation/imagination of Krystal Kelley, an artist, writer and entrepreneur living in Seattle, Washington.

        Krystal coined the term 'splat-art' to describe her belief that it is possible to see beauty in anything, including bird poop. Inspired by her writing and search for meaning in the commonplace, she imagined a special bird that created art everywhere it went. Splat was born and a journey began.

        Splat Art portfolio

        Starheadboy: Street artist with animal imagery

        Copyright: Starheadboy-portfolio

    Cyn Moore: Fine artist, painter and animal supporter.

    Cyn is a fine artist who has been featured in group and solo exhibitions throughout the Northwest. Her work features animal imagery while incorporating mixed media, encaustics and paint.

    Cyn has been a theatrical painter in Seattle since 1999, working in many Seattle theatres and most recently she held the lead painter position at the Seattle Opera.

    Cyn Moore



Past contributing artists

AFAS has gathered a large breadth of talent . We provide opportunities for participating artists to collaborate on educational programs and events promoting animal welfare.

A sample list:

  • Cyn Moore
  • Valerie Davidson
  • Joan Greenfield
  • Pam Keeley
  • Edwin Fotheringham
  • Alexander Kochan
  • Jessie Oleson
  • Charlene Hall
  • Curtis Wallin
  • C.L. Utley
  • Jenna Colby
  • Jeffrey Cook
  • Trilby Hainstock
  • Kevin Brannaman
  • ChromaMatic
  • David Walega
  • Jeff Ringer

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When you donate in the name of another, we will send a special thank you card with our artist's artwork on the front.

Copyright Cyn Moore Detail of card front, painting by Cyn Moore

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